forest grove christian learning center
A place where God’s love is seen and where each child is accepted as a unique person with special abilities and needs.

Our Leadership Team

FGCLC is a ministry of Forest Grove Reformed Church. The church’s leadership team ultimately oversees FGCLC, but has empowered a team of folks to oversee the functions of FGCLC. We refer to this team as our Board. Our Board oversees numerous areas of the FGCLC including policies, compliance, setting tuition rates, overseeing the finances, and overseeing our director.

Our day to day operations are overseen by our director Becky Belka. As soon as you meet Becky, you will understand how much of a gift she is to FGCLC. Her passion and love for the staff and kids is evident.

If you ever have questions, feel free to connect with Becky. If she does not have an answer or if your questions would be best answered by a member of our board she will be happy to forward your question to them.