forest grove christian learning center
A place where God’s love is seen and where each child is accepted as a unique person with special abilities and needs.

Infants: 6 weeks to 14 months old


The infants schedule will be determined by his/her individual needs. Your child will be fed and put down for naps according to the schedule you give us. You may change this schedule anytime you feel necessary. Your child’s day will include a great deal of one-on-one cuddling and infant stimulation activities. Lessons will be developed individually for each infant.


Parents need to provide enough prepared bottles of formula and/or breast milk to feed the baby for the day. Formula must be prepared at the child’s home and placed in an assembled bottle unit, with cover, before being brought to the center. Formula will not be stored longer than 24 hours after opening. Each bottle and nipple supplied by a parent will be used for a single feeding only and then returned to the parent. Formula and milk left in a bottle at the end of a feeding shall be discarded. All bottles and food must be labeled with the child’s name, date, and placed in the refrigerator in the infant room.

Solid foods will be introduced to the individual child according to the parent’s or a licensed physician’s instructions.